Thursday, July 20, 2017

It's hot!

I don't know about you guys but the summer is sweltering here in Italy! It's hot, hot, hot! I don't go to the beach much here, it's a little bit ikky!! There are plenty of seagulls flying around but no sound of the ocean! The water is flat, shallow and warm and the sand is brown. No place for a true blue Aussie when we are used to beaches like this!!!

So how do we cope????? Whilst my daughter goes off to the pool with her friends, I stay inside a lot working on things I love, creative things of course! Fans are blaring and follow me around the house, sometimes two at a time! We also drink a lot of these!

Funnily enough with the heat we've been suffering I've been working on Christmas projects ( amongst other things)! Crazy I know!

It really is Christmas in July! 

I just finished these stockings for a client, loving the way they turned out! Today they are being shipped and will be on their way across the pond to their new home!

That's not all! To continue on the Christmassy theme (feeling a little crazy!) I wrote, and released two new Christmas patterns! New patterns in my shop have been a long time coming so these new patterns are a reason to CELEBRATE! They are now available in my Etsy shop

You can add a whole lot of CUTENESS to your Christmas tree, Christmas wrapping, stocking fillers and gift giving with the gorgeous, SUPER easy to make patterns!

Being Australian it's not odd to think of Christmas when it's hot! I don't know if I prefer a cold Chrissy or hot one??? I think I like both , mind you if I were garanteed of a white Christmas I might love that a little more! 

What's your preference- a hot or cold Christmas?

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

It's here, it's here!!

Homespun Magazine , Christmas in July 2017, get yours now from newsstands or digitally through Zinio , Google Play or the Apple newsstand.

I have been bursting to receive this issue all year!
It's jam packed with fabulous, inspiring projects, interesting articles and helpful hints!

My super talented sister, Sarah, and I have a new project in the magazine. It's always such an honour to be asked to create a new design for such an amazing publication.

Certainly in the magazine there are some wonderfully talented creative people like Natalie Bird (whom we so admire so much !) , so sometimes we feel like little fish in an ocean of amazing creatives. Every so often we give ourselves a pinch to make sure we're not dreaming!

Finally when we come to the realisation that it's real it's time to start brainstorming and designing together. This is not such an easy feat as very large oceans and thousands of kilometres separate us, I am in Italy and Sas is in Sydney!

Thank heavens for technology and the Internet otherwise we would have phone bills a mile long!! Whats App and Skype are our main go to-s when designing a project together. First we chat on Skype and throw around ideas. We don't always agree, as sisters do, but always manage to find a compromise we're both happy with. Fortunately for us we tend to like similar things so it's not too hard to find common ground!

The next phase is a vague sketch! Yes if I draw it it's very vague indeed. I tend to create as I go with a very vague plan. If Sarah sketches our ideas she always has a much clearer vision and produces a very detailed drawing. This drawing passes to the WhatsApp phase which is fabulously instant! We message backwards and forwards with any observations and concerns until we are happy with the design.

When the final design has been decided we divide our jobs and off we go!!


All of this happens months before the magazine is due to be released so you can imagine our anticipation for its arrival.

The biggest thrill is seeing the professional photo shoot of our project. I thought nothing could beat that until I saw our project on the cover!!! Icing on the cake!

We hope you enjoy this issue of Homespun Magazine, filled to the brim with inspiration and projects to make.


Let us know if you make our table runner. We would love to see your photographs and know your thoughts about it. One of the most exciting things when you write a pattern is to see how people interpret it and use colour! 

Just post it on instagram using #homespunmagazinejuly2017

Thanks for joining us! Rachel

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Bloggers Block!

 The Bloggers Block has been lifted! It's time to celebrate!! Let these radiant flowers inspire us all!!!

I have been absent from blogging for quite a while. Shocking I know!!! Life just seems to get in the way! Boredom with blogging has set in!
Does anyone else find that?

Finally, it's time to take action and be proactive! No more going with the flow!

No more procrastinating!

There are so many things I want and need to do which are continually put off. I ask myself 'why'?


I don't like my photos. I don't like this, I don't like that, I can't do this, I can't do that! Always a reason to put off what has to be done.


Get organised, make a plan ( easier said than done, the planning bit is freaking me out!) and go to Creative Live!

Best website ever! It is truly amazing and is slowly but surely changing my way of thinking and hopefully improving how I do things.

I have been learning new things and am feeling more inspired! Love it!

The MORAL of the story is you will be  hearing from me more often with new helpful, and hopefully, inspiring posts. New products, patterns , tips, hints and how-tos.

I hope to post once or twice a week.

Let's hope life doesn't get in the way again!

Thank you for your  patience! Rachel

Friday, April 14, 2017

Bunny pillow pattern

My new bunny pillow pdf pattern is here! It's super cute and easy to make!

A wonderful gift for a new born, birthday or even make them as Easter gifts. Rather than 'bon nuit' you could stamp or embroider the child's name to make it a more personal gift.

I made them in soft pretty colours but they also look fabulous in bright, cheery colours! To adapt the pattern for a boy applique stars rather than flowers!

The pattern can be enlarged to make a larger pillow or reduced to make a smaller bunny, fill it with lavender! It could also be appliqued onto a quilt or bag. It's such a versatile pattern!

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Thursday, March 09, 2017

Fabric and trim packs + FREE tutorial

Fabulous fabrics and trim packs are now available, it's time to destash! 

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You can make all kinds of wonderful items with these packs. There are fabrics, buttons, trims, old and new fabrics, appliques and so on. All carefully put together to co-ordinate and inspire. 

To make the above cushion front I used one pack and had left overs which can be used to create something else.
You could also make bags, table centers, pouches and so much more with these. Or collect a few and make something larger like a duffel bag or picnic rug!

There are 5 packs available each one with different colour put together to inspire you and help you build your stash! Here are just a few.


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Friday, February 03, 2017

Altered book box photography help!

I had some help photographing this altered book box! As I'm sure you all know I'm no great photographer. Trying to style a photo is terrifying prospect for me!

Yesterday my Annalisa came over to help me. She takes amazing photos of her products and is very talented. You can visit her page Le Dolci Bambole here . Too much cuteness for words is on her page! She makes porcelain dough and creates these incredible little dolls and bears out of them. Take the time to see the minute detail in each one!

Anyway she came over to help me take new and better photos! I've been making altered books and journals, my photos have never done them justice. In fact when people see them in person they take them straight away. This is the only box I have left (available here)! It's an antique philosophy text book from the early 1900s. The pages have been removed and a box contructed! And look at the gorgeous photos!!

 Love the idea to include the sweet bunny mum gave me a Christmas!

This an altered journal also made with an emptied antique book (available here). I just love the photos Annalisa took!

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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Homespun Magazine Cosy Project

Wow I didn't realise I hadn't posted anything for such a long time.

Happy New Year to all! Even thought it's a little late!

My first exciting news is Homespun magazine has set up a new website called 'Cosy Project' (site here). You can buy individual patterns from past issues of the magazine  without having to hunt down old issues. Just fabulous!

Many of the projects we've done for Homespun in the past are available on the website too!

You can buy my growth chart pattern here :

So sweet and not too hard to make, a gorgeous keepsake for your kids or grandchildren.

How gorgeous is the cushion by Linda Guy, purchase here :

And this by Natalie Bird purchase here:
I so want to make one!!!!!

Pop over and have a look there are so many great patterns to keep you busy stitching for a loooong time!

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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Halloween trick or treat bags

Slowly putting new goodies in my shop. New today cute Trick or treat Halloween bags

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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Vecchia Pescheria (old fishery)

I am preparing for a creative market tomorrow in the old Roman fishery in Rimini, Woohoo.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Artigiani in Piazza

I was honoured to participate in a new event this August 'Artigiani in Piazza'. It was a wonderful evening where friends and family came to visit!

 I made a lot of flowers for colour, so much fun!

And many new products! Some here on my work table, such a mess!

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